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Central Austin Real Estate was established in 1998 when North Austin, East Austin, West Austin, and South Austin were the only ways to approximately describe a part of Austin. Everything south of the river was South Austin. Everything north of the river was North Austin. Hyde Park was in North Austin. Travis Heights was South Austin. Anything east of I-35 was East Austin. Tarrytown was West Austin at that time. There was an annual tug of war over the river between South Austin and North Austin. Times have changed. The lines have shifted and blurred. So where is Central Austin? It is not an exact geographic area, but rather a state of mind. The geographic center of Austin is close to 35th Street and Oakmont. The spiritual center of Austin is at Barton Springs in Zilker Park. Dive off the diving board and you will pass through the soul of the city. If you are riding a bike past a moonlight tower, then you are in Central Austin. Same if you are at the ACL music festival. Central Austin is fun, lively, and vibrant. It is where things happen. Central Austin is casual in a millionaire kind of way. 

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